Wed, April 28

2011—During a speech in Las Vegas, Donald Trump drops about seven f-bombs, promising to tell the Chinese, “listen you mother______s, we’re going to tax you 25 percent.”

2006—Rush Limbaugh’s lawyers announce that their fine work will keep their dope-addled client out of prison.

2004—The SEC says banks can risk more money and keep less on hand.

2004—Frank Lautenberg [D-N.J.] says on the floor of the Senate, “We know who the chickenhawks are. They talk tough on national defense and military issues…but when it was their turn to serve, they were AWOL.”

1988—Aloha Airlines 737 develops a 20 foot hole in its fuselage; stewardess Clarabelle Lansing falls to her death.

1987—Contras in Nicaragua, “moral equivalent of our Founding fathers” according to President Reagan, murder American volunteer Ben Lindner.

1975—Daniel Schorr reports on CBS that the CIA plotted to assassinate the leaders of Chile, Congo, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Vietnam.

1973—Hot brakes start a fire in the Roseville, Calif. railyard, and a trainload of bombs explodes. No one dies but 5,500 buildings are damaged and the town of Antelope disappears.

1945—Benito Mussolini, his mistress, and three accomplices are summarily executed by partisans and hanged by their heels at a gas station.

1789—HMS Bounty undergoes an unscheduled change of command.

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