Fri, April 30

1993—The first website goes online.

1977—The Clamshell Alliance assembles at Seabrook to fight the nuke.

1975—Saigon falls.

1973—Rabid Nixon supporter Rev. Sun Myung Moon gets a green card.

1973—Announcing their resignations, Richard Nixon calls felons-to-be John D. Ehrlichman and H.R. Haldeman “two of the finest public servants I have ever known.”

1971—Medal of Honor recipient Dwight H. Johnson is shot to death while robbing a Detroit grocery store.

1966—Rep. Melvin Laird (R-Wisc.) says that the problem with Vietnam is “an administration that fails to inform the people fully and frankly about the objectives and progress of the war.”

1961—Leonid I. Rogozov, the sole doctor at a Soviet station in Antarctica, removes his own appendix.

1956—Ex-Veep Alben Barkley concludes his keynote speech to the Washington and Lee Mock Convention, then keels over dead.

1900—The Illinois Central’s Cannonball Express slams into a freight train at Vaughan, Miss. Engineer John Luther “Casey” Jones is the only fatality.

1871—Despite having surrendered, Apaches living at Camp Grant in the Arizona Territory are attacked by a mob of American vigilantes and Tohono O’odham; 144 die, all but eight are women and children.

1844—Hank Thoreau accidentally sets 300 acres of Concord forest afire.

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