Sat, May 1

2003—G.W.[MD] Bush says “major combat operations in Iraq have ended.” U.S. death toll so far: 140.

1999—The New Hampshire Gazette resumes regular (fortnightly) publication in Portsmouth.

1989—“Bill” Gardner, Secretary of State for Life, assigns rights to the trade name New Hampshire Gazette to a collateral descendant of the founder.

1977—Seabrook: 1,414 Clams busted.

1975—Tom Polgar sends CIA’s last cable from Saigon: “…we have lost.…Let us hope…that we have learned our lesson. Saigon signing off.”

1970—U.S. troops join ARVN soldiers in the Cambodian “Incursion.”

1960—Russian missiles bring down a U-2 piloted by the CIA’s Gary Powers.

1955—To supplant Harding’s failed “Americanization Day,” Ike proclaims an equally-doomed “Loyalty Day.”

1944—Jacob Coxey, 90, on the Capitol steps, completes the speech he began 50 years earlier.

1921—To supplant filthy leftists’ subversive May Day, Warren G. Harding proclaims “Americanization Day.”

1894—Jacob Coxey leads a 500-man “Army of the Unemployed” to the Capitol steps, where he calls for a federally-funded jobs program. Within minutes, police hustle him away.

1865—In Charleston, S.C., 10,000 people, most formerly enslaved, including veterans of the 54th Massachusetts and 104th U.S. Colored Troops, hold the first-ever Memorial Day.

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