Sun, May 2

2011—After outliving the Administration of G.W.[MD] Bush, Osama bin Laden is whacked by its successor.

2006—With stereotypical inefficiency, state workers in Lucasville, Ohio jab Joseph Clark 19 times over 86 minutes to kill him by lethal injection[s].

2003—Richard Perle, its architect, writes that the Iraq War “ended without the Arab world rising up against us, as the war’s critics feared, without the quagmire they predicted, without the heavy losses in house-to-house fighting they warned us to expect.”

1972—The good die young; J. Edgar Hoover does it at 77.

1971—The U.S. Government reneges on its permit, calls in the 82nd Airborne, arrests 12,600 protestors, and packs them into D.C.’s RFK stadium without food, water, or sanitation.

1967—The California State Assembly is visited by 26 armed Black Panthers.

1963—In Birmingham, Alabama, 959 schoolchildren are arrested for letting themselves be attacked by dogs, firehoses, and cops with billy clubs.

1957—Morphine-addicted Sen. Joe McCarthy [R-Wisc.] dies of liver failure at 48. Top U.S. dope cop Harry J. Anslinger, who’s been slipping him government morphine “for reasons of national security,” can quit now.

1940—Mississippi Governor Paul Johnson, 60, clubs Jackson Daily News editor Major Frederick Sullens from behind. Sullens, 62, floors the Governor and beats him without mercy.

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