Sat, May 8

1979—Salvadoran police maintain order in a cathedral; 23 KIA, 70 WIA.

1970—With flags at half mast for Kent State kids shot by National Guardsmen, students protesting in NYC at Wall and Broad streets are attacked by 200 “hardhats” organized by AFL-CIO leader Peter Brennan. Nixon will make him Sec. of Labor.

1970—At the University of New Mexico, 11 people protesting the Vietnam War are bayoneted by National Guardsmen.

1967—Muhammed Ali is indicted for refusing to be inducted.

1964—Against Ike’s orders, Curtis LeMay sends a B-47 into Russian territory on a recon mission. It returns with extra holes thanks to a MiG-17.

1963—In Hue, Ngo Dinh Diem’s goons kill nine Buddhists for flying their flag, then blame the ’Cong.

1958—In Lima, Richard Nixon is stoned and spat on by Peruvians.

1844—Nativists in Philadelphia get serious, burning St. Michaels’s, St. Augustines, and the Seminary of the Sisters of Charity, and killing a few more of those troublesome Irish.

1755—In Portsmouth, murderer Eliphaz Dow becomes the first person executed in New Hampshire.

1725—John Lovewell, who had marched into Boston a month earlier wearing a wig made of Indian scalps, is killed by an Abenaki near Pequawket (now Fryeburg). A mountain in Washington, N.H. bears his name.

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