Sat, Dec 18

2019—Donald Trump is impeached.

2005—“Not only can we win the war in Iraq,” says George W.[MD] Bush 962 days after Mission Accomplished, “we’re winning the war in Iraq.”

2004—“America’s Most Wanted’s” John Walsh says he most wants Jahbir and Alfonso Fowle caught.

2000—“If this were a dictatorship,” says George W.[MD] Bush on CNN, “it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.”

1996—Kenyan students protest the killing of a student the previous day. Police kill two more students.

1996—G-Man Earl Pitts is arrested for moonlighting for the KGB.

1972—Richard Nixon begins Operation Linebacker: 12 days of B-52 strikes against North Vietnam. On the first night, surface-to-air missiles shoot down three Stratofortresses.

1957—Neon signs and car lots get their first jolt of nuke-generated juice.

1946—Eddie Rickenbacker flies a DC-3 over Broadway so Damon Runyon Jr. can scatters his father’s ashes.

1941—Outnumbered 10 to one, U.S. forces lose Guam to the Japanese.

1917—Prohibition, also known as the Organized Crime Job Creation Act, goes to the states for ratification.

1907—An explosion kills 361 coal miners in Monongah, W. Va.

1867—Differing track widths cause a train to derail in Angola, N.Y. One wooden car drops 40 feet and catches fire; 49 passengers burn to death.

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