Sat, March 12

2014—Austin Ruse, head of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, says on American Family Radio, “the hard left, human-hating people that run modern universities…should all be taken out and shot.”

2013—Jim Clapper, Dir. of Nat’l Intelligence, swears to Congress citizens aren’t being spied on. He’s lying.

2009—Frank Gaffney says Saddam Hussein may have been involved in the Oklahoma City bombing.

2003—The Guardian reports that Halliburton is still paying VP Dick “Dick” Cheney up to $1 million a year in “deferred compensation.”

1956—The Southern Manifesto, a promise to use “all legal means” to maintain school segregation, is signed by 101 Congressmen, including William Fulbright, Sam Ervin, and Hale Boggs, father of Cokie Roberts.

1947—President Harry announces the Truman Doctrine: we’ll fight Commies everywhere and anywhere.

1947—Piper pilot Carmen Onofrio of Milan, N.H. makes the first of 43 landings atop Mt. Washington, delivering ice research equipment.

1888—Rather than pay a New York cabbie’s $50 blizzard rate, Roscoe Conkling walks home in a blizzard; 37 days later the most powerful man in America is dead of pneumonia at 58.

1804—John Pickering, Federal District Judge for N.H., is impeached by the U.S. Senate for “drunkenness, profanity, & violence” on the bench.

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