Sat, May 7

1999—A U.S. B-2 drops five “smart” bombs on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade: three dead, 27 wounded.

1998—Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan successfully quash an effort to regulate credit default swaps.

1992—Reporters reveal Ross Perot’s “concern” over U.S. POWs was mostly about Richard Nixon’s presidency.

1985—New York throws a ticker tape parade for 25,000 Vietnam veterans. Better late than never.

1970—Marine Sgt. Robert Phleger, 1st Force Recon, is killed in the night by a tiger in Quang Nam Province.

1955—Black voting activist Rev. George W. Lee is gunned down in Midnight, Miss. No charges are ever filed.

1954—The Viet Minh overrun the French garrison at Dien Bien Phu.

1931—In NYC, 300 cops entertain 15,000 bystanders by directing 700 rounds of rifle and machine gun fire at a fifth-floor apartment in a rooming house on West 91st St. After two hours Francis “Two-Gun” Crowley, his 16-year old girlfriend Helen Walsh, and his partner Rudolph “Fats” Durringer surrender.

1931—In Corbin, Ky. Harland Sanders—later Col. Sanders—puts two bullets in a gas station manager for painting over a sign for his restaurant.

1896—Gilmanton-born Herman W. Mudgett, aka “Dr. H.H. Holmes,” fiendish killer of over 100 women, is hanged for murdering one man.

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