Thurs, June 16

2020—The Wall Street Journal publishes Mike Pence’s op-ed, “There Isn’t a Coronavirus Second Wave.”

2019—“Last Call” at The Hammer.

2015—For $50 each, 240 actors cheer on cue in the lobby of Trump Tower as the star of a (cancelled) TV show announces he’s running for President.

2000—The Energy Department finds missing top-secret computer hard drives in a location which had already been searched twice.

1992—Caspar Weinberger, Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of Defense, is indicted for lying to Congress.

1991—Otis Nixon steals six bases.

1966—Stokely Carmichael, continuing the March Against Fear as James Meredith recuperates from an assassination attempt, introduces “Black Power” to the nation’s lexicon.

1944—South Carolina kills George J. Stinney Jr., convicted in a three-hour trial before an all-white jury. Black, 14, 90 lbs., he is seated on phone books so the electrodes can reach him.

1943—Charlie Chaplin, 54, marries Oona O’Neill, 18; only his death in 1977 does them part.

1918—Eugene V. Debs delivers an anti-draft speech in Canton, Ohio that is so effective he is later charged with ten counts of sedition.

1857—A riot erupts between New York City’s two police departments. Corrupt Democratic Mayor Fernando Wood’s recently-abolished Municipal Police retains its hold on City Hall.

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