Fri, June 17

2020—“[T]he numbers are very minuscule compared to what it was,” says Dolt #45, “[Covid is] dying out.”

2017—Brass on the U.S.S. Fitzgerald get their nimble destroyer rammed by a container ship; 7 enlisted sailors die, three are injured, repairs bill: $367M.

2015—Oxymoronic white “supremacist” murders nine in Charleston, S.C.

1972—A Black Vietnam veteran catches Nixon’s Watergate spies.

1971—“I want it implemented on a thievery basis,” President Nixon tells aides. “Goddamn it, get in [to the Brookings Institution] and get those files [that might reveal my treasonous interference with the Paris Peace talks]. Blow the safe and get it.”

1967—Defense Secretary Robert Strange McNamara commissions a secret history of the Vietnam War.

1933—Syphilitic former sheriff and WWI hero Verne Miller, with three armed pals, tries to spring Frank “Jelly” Nash, a safe-cracker. Nash, in the custody of four G-Men and three cops at Union Station in K.C., Mo., ends up dead, as do a G-Man and three cops.

1932—The Senate votes not to pay bonuses owed to thousands of Great War vets massed outside the Capitol, setting the stage for a violent rout.

1775—With powder pilfered from Portsmouth’s Fort William and Mary, New Hampshire men under Gen. John Stark—plus a few others—kill one-fourth of the British Army’s officers in America at Bunker Hill.

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