Wed, Apr 12

2007—#43’s minions say official emails about fired U.S. Attorneys, sent from RNC servers, are now “lost.”

2001—Veep Dick “Dick” Cheney files his 2000 return; 14% of his adjusted gross came from Halliburton.

1937—Sixty thousand U.S. students demonstrate against war.

1933—In Oakland, brothers George and William Besler test fly a Travel Air biplane powered by a Doble steam engine; nearly-silent, it works fine.

1927—Shanghai’s Green Gang begins slaughtering as many as 10,000 Communists on orders from Chiang Kai-shek—famous hero of our GOP.

1888—When D.C. cops raid his soirée, William Dorsey Swann, born into slavery, becomes the first recorded female impersonator ever arrested.

1867—William Bullock, inventor of the revolutionary web-fed rotary press, dies of complications after his leg is crushed in one such press.

1864—At Ft. Pillow, Tenn., hundreds of surrendered Union soldiers—a few white, but mostly Black—are slaughtered by rebels under Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, future Klan Grand Wizard.

1862—Union spies steal The General, a Confederate locomotive, in Georgia and head north. Conductor William A. Fuller, on foot, on a handcar, and finally in another locomotive, chases down and retrieves The General.

1782—American militia troops massacre 100 neutral, Christian Indians of the Delaware Nation.

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