Thurs, Apr 13

2002—Venezuelans overrule the generals and their CIA advisors; Hugo Chavez is restored to the Presidency.

1981—Rep. Jon Hinson (R-Miss.) resigns three months after being arrested for attempting to commit oral sodomy in a House restroom. He becomes an advocate for gay rights.

1970—The Apollo 13 moon shot lives up to its numeral.

1953—CIA boss Allen Dulles says it’s MKUltra time: start washing brains.

1919—British troops following orders from Col. R.E.H. Dyer massacre at least 379 unarmed Indian men women and children at Amritsar, India.

1917—Prescient President W. Wilson establishes the Committee on Public Information, 67 years prior to 1984.

1901—French anarchist Clement Duval, after 14 years on Devil’s Island, begins his 20th escape attempt. This time he makes it to New York City. He lives to be 85 and inspires Papillon.

1873—In Grant Parish, La., the White League and the Klan celebrate Easter Sunday by killing 280 African-Americans in what becomes known as the Colfax Massacre.

1788—A medical student waving a disembodied human arm out the window of New York Hospital scares a child who then squeals to his Papa.

1204—The Fourth Crusade ends victoriously: Christians take Constantinople for the greater glory of God. Murder, rape, looting, and the burning of the Imperial Library ensue.

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