Sat, Apr 15

2015—Ex-postal worker Doug Hughes lands a gyrocopter on the White House lawn with 535 letters to Congress: overturn Citizens United.

2015—In Zimbabwe, big-game hunter and Texan Ian Gibson is crushed to death by an elephant.

2013—Two bombs explode near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

2003—George W.[MD] Bush installs Gen. Jay Garner to administer Iraq “until an Iraqi government can be formed.” He lasts less than a month.

1994—Dick “Dick” Cheney tells C-SPAN G.H.[H.]W. Bush didn’t topple Saddam because that would have created a “quagmire” in Iraq.

1987—Washington Post: though Nancy had the house number changed to 668, officially the street address of the Reagans’ Bel Air mansion is 666.

1974—Press lord William Randolph Hearst’s gun-totin’ granddaughter Patty helps the Symbionese Liberation Army rob a San Francisco bank.

1970—Rep. Gerald Ford: “Impeach Justice William O. Douglas.”

1961—The CIA bombs and strafes Cuban airfields with falsely-marked American B-26s.

1953—Two grunts become the last U.S. ground troops killed by an enemy air strike: a bomb dropped by a North Korean flying a Russian Po-2 biplane.

1788—In New York City, 5,000 rioters storming a prison to attack grave-robbing doctors are fired on by the militia: eight die.

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