Fri, Apr 14

2006—Six  retired generals sign an Op-Ed calling on Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign.

2004—Attorney General John Ashcroft blames Bill Clinton for terrorist attacks that took place seven months after Clinton left office.

1999—Dan Quayle throws his cute little propeller beanie into the ring.

1994—Over Iraq, U.S. fighter jets shoot down two U.S. helicopters.

1988—An Iranian mine nearly sinks the missile frigate U.S.S. Roberts.

1975—Idaho’s Bunker Hill Mining Co. says all female workers at its smelter must get sterilized to keep their jobs.

1945—A new high-tech head floods U-1206 on its 1st patrol. Commander K.A. Schlitt scuttles the boat; four crewmen die, the rest are captured.

1939—John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath is published.

1935—A windstorm carries away vast amounts of Great Plains topsoil.

1865—J.W. Booth shoots A. Lincoln.

1861—Cannons salute the lowering flag at Fort Sumter. One explodes, giving Private Daniel Hough the honor of being the Civil War’s first casualty.

1860—The first Pony Express rider arrives in San Francisco.

1788—A mob, led by the widower of a snatched and dissected woman, ransacks New York Hospital.

1772—The County Sheriff tells South Weare, N.H. sawmill owners he’s there to collect fines for their theft of the King’s trees. They beat him up.

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