Tues, May 23

2012—A mentally-unstable PNSY employee sets a fire that destroys the billion-dollar U.S.S. Miami.

1999—Wrestler Owen Hart drops 78 feet to his death in the ring; 15 minutes later, the show resumes.

1976—The Washington Post reports that Rep. Wayne L. Hays’ (D-Ohio) mistress, on his payroll at $14,000 a year, admits she “can’t type…can’t file, [and] can’t even answer the phone.”

1971—Nixon meets with the milk cartel. His campaign gets $2 million, they get a $100 million price hike.

1969—Sgt. Paul Meyer steals a C-130 from Mildenhall, UK and heads for Langley, Va. He crashes into the English Channel—possibly shot down.

1950—The Treaty of Detroit gives better benefits to workers, but they lose power over corporate decisions.

1939—U.S.S. Squalus sinks off the Isles of Shoals with 59 aboard. Within 40 hours, 33 are rescued; 26 die.

1934—Cops in Louisiana ambush and kill Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Their bodies are mauled by gawkers as they get hauled through town, dead, in their shot-up Ford V-8.

1930—Serial killer Carl Panzram writes to the Society for the Abolition of Capital Punishment, “I wish you all had one neck and that I had my hands on it.”

1908—In Calif., 16 passengers survive a fall from an exploding dirigible.

1849—In Haverhill, N.H., thousands watch as Rev. Enos Dudley is hanged for strangling his wife.

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