Tues, Aug 8

2022—The FBI raids Trumpland.

1989—E. Robert Wallach, a close pal of Ed “Meese is a Pig” Meese, is convicted of racketeering. He pocketed $425,000 to influence Meese and others as part of Wedtech Corp.’s scheme to win defense contracts.

1986—Elliott Abrams cadges $10 million from Brunei’s Foreign Minister in a London park, to be used overthrowing the democratically-elected government of Nicaragua.

1974—Rep. Earl Landgrebe [R-Ind.], says “Don’t confuse me with the facts. I’ve got a closed mind. I will not vote for impeachment. I’m going to stick with my President even if he and I have to be taken out of this building and shot.” Later that day, however, his idol Richard M. Nixon confesses that he lied—he is a quitter, after all.

1973—Veep Spiro “Ted” Agnew says charges that he took bribes are “damned lies.” They are not.

1968—Richard Nixon chooses Spiro “Ted” Agnew for a running mate.

1942—Condemned by an un-Constitutional secret military tribunal irregularly sanctioned by a Supreme Court Justice in cahoots with FDR,six German saboteursare hanged six weeks after landing via U-boat. Bush #43 later relies on the precedent.

1925—Imperial Wizard Hiram Evans leads 35,000 members of the Ku Klux Klan in full regalia—minus the hoods—down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Washington Monument.

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