Wed, Aug 9

2014—Ferguson, Mo. cop Darren Wilson shoots unarmed Michael Brown, 18, whose body is then left uncovered on the street for four hours.

1997—New York City cop Justin Volpe sodomizes Haitian immigrant Abner Louima with a broomstick.

1989—George Herbert [Hoover] Walker Bush signs the Savings and Loan bailout. Among the bailees: his boys Neil and Jeb.

1974—Richard Milhous Nixon vacates the White House—finally.

1945—In Nagasaki, Hiroshima blast survivor Tsutomu Yamaguchi’s boss doubts his account of the devastation—until an A-bomb explodes.

1936—Lincoln Steffens, one of the original muckrakers, dies at 70.

1882—Two days after a fatal brawl, a batch of Hatfields march three McCoys into Kentucky. There, they’re tied to a pawpaw tree, then shot dead.

1874—Charles Fort, chronicler of the paranormal, materializes in Albany, N.Y.

1872—Fire destroys 547 buildings in Boston, killing 14.

1842—Herman Melville escapes from the Typee Valley in the Marquesas where he has been held captive for a month by cannibals.

1842—The Webster-Ashburton Treaty ends the Aroostook War.

1610—Under orders from Thomas West, Baron De La Warr, after whom Delaware is named, English settlers in Virginia slaughter the Paspahegh men, women, and children.

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