Fri, Aug 11

2017—A “good person” rallying for White Supremacy in Charlottesville, Va. commits vehicular homicide.

2009—President Obama speaks inside Portsmouth, N.H. High School. Outside a Libertarian packs a 9-mm pistol and totes a sign calling for the “blood of patriots and tyrants.”

1972—Delta Co., 3/21st Infantry, conduct the last U.S. combat patrol in Vietnam; booby traps wound two.

1966—The first Coast Guardsmen (2) are killed in Vietnam when B-57s and F-4s attack the cutter Point Welcome.

1965—A white L.A. cop pulls over a Black driver in Watts. Five days of riots cost 34 lives, mostly Black, and $200 million in damage.

1942—Ten years after her scandalous Ecstacy nude scene, Hedy Lamarr’s “piano roll” system to defend torpedos from radio-jamming gets a patent.

1911—Workers incensed by the “scientific management” imposed by stopwatch-obsessed Phillips Exeter grad Frederick Winslow Taylor go on strike at the Watertown Arsenal.

1897—Senator-to-be and ex-enslaver Rebecca Ann Latimer Felton tells the Georgia Agricultural Society, “lynch, a thousand times a week if necessary,” to protect “[white] woman’s dearest possession from the ravening human beasts,” i.e., Black men.

1894—Charles “Hobo” Kelley and his 1,200 man “army” of the unemployed are driven from Washington D.C. by Federal troops.

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