Thurs, Aug 10

2019—Mysterious sex criminal and pal of bigwigs Jeffrey Epstein is found conveniently but mysteriously dead in his closely unguarded N.Y.C. jail cell.

2000—“I want you to know,” George W.[MD] Bush tells farmers in Salinas, Calif., “that farmers are not going to be secondary thoughts to a Bush administration. They will be in the forethought of our thinking.”

1974—“I take my instructions from General Haig,” says a Colonel overseeing Richard Nixon’s attempt to spirit files out of the White House. White House Counsel Benton Becker calls the Colonel’s bluff, and three full Air Force trucks are unloaded.

1973—Free Marketeer Charles Koch writes Free Marketeer Friedrich von Hayek suggesting he move to the U.S. so he can collect Social[ist] Security.

1968—Eight G.I.’s in Vietnam are killed by “friendly fire.”

1887—An engineer for the Toledo, Peoria & Western, seeing a burning bridge ahead, uncouples his engine and crosses safely. His 81 passengers die when it collapses.

1856—Wind-driven waves drown 400 at a ball on Last Island, La.

1835—A mob of 300 men wrecks Canaan, N.H.’s racially integrated Noyes Academy, using 100 yokes of oxen to drag it from its foundation. Black students are then chased from town.

1680—Pueblo Indians begin an 11-day revolt that will kill 400 Spaniards and drive them from New Mexico.

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