Mon, Sept 11

2016—The GOP nominee for President tweets “best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.”


2006—At Ground Zero, for a photo op, President Bush and the First Lady stand on an American flag carpet.

2001—Four American airliners are hijacked by Saudis and crashed; thousands die. George W.[MD] Bush scurries to safety, Donald Rumsfeld looks for excuses to attack Iraq, and Dick “Dick” Cheney authorizes the shooting down of civilian airliners.

1973—Salvador Allende, duly-elected President of Chile, is overthrown by CIA-backed thugs.

1957—A Denver H-bomb factory burns, releasing a pound of plutonium particles. The AEC, lying, says there’s only a minor risk of contamination.

1942—Wheeler Lipes, a 22-year old dropout, successfully removes an appendix aboard the submerged USS Seadragon. The U.S. Surgeon General threatens to court martial him.

1857—En route to California, 120 Arkansans are murdered by Mormons at Mountain Meadows, Utah.

1777—Washington is defeated at Brandywine, the largest, longest battle of the Revolution—but N.H.’s Gen. Sullivan staves off catastrophe.

1649—Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads, in “a righteous judgement of God,” slaughter nearly 4,000 Irish, mostly civilians, in Drogheda.

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