Sat, Oct 28

2022—Elon Musk buys Twitter; an online loon attacks the House Speaker’s husband with a hammer; there’s no connection between these events.

2016—Disregarding advice from Justice Dept. lawyers, Director James Comey announces that the FBI has re-opened its investigation of the Democratic Presidential candidate 10 days before the election.

2003—Iraq is “a little tougher that I thought it was going to be,” says Sen. Trent Lott [R-Miss.], but “if we have to, we just mow the whole place down [and] see what happens.”

1989—Congress passes a new, improved Flag Protection Act; 227 days later it’s struck down by the Court.

1980—With help from a stolen briefing book given to him by an ex-CIA boss, Reagan “out-debates” Carter.

1962—JFK andKhrushchev agree: Soviet nuclear missiles out of Cuba, U.S. nuclear missiles out of Turkey. Two years later, they’re gone, too.

1922—“Sent by divine providence,” according to Pope Pius XI, Benito Mussolini takes over in Rome.

1918—Influenza-mask refusenik James Wisser is shot by San Francisco health officer H.D. Miller.

1906—Ivy Lee issues the world’s first press release. It deflects blame from the Pennsylvania Railroad for the deaths of 50 passengers.

1793—Whitney patents the cotton gin. It revives southern chattel slavery and brings wage slavery to the North.

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