Sun, Oct 29

2004—Osama bin Laden explains: 9/11 was retaliation for the U.S. backing Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

1984—New York City policemen kill African American Eleanor Bumpurs, 66, with two rounds from a 12 gauge. She was behind in her rent.

1981—A British Parliamentarian asks Maggie Thatcher whether European governments were “free to veto [a] push on the final button by that incoherent cretin President Reagan?”

1979—On Wall Street, 1,000 people are arrested for disrupting business on the 50th Anniversary of the Crash.

1970—Gov. R. Reagan’s education advisor Roger A. Freeman warns “We are in danger of producing an educated proletariat. … That’s dynamite!”

1969—Chicago 8 defendant Bobby Seale is gagged and bound to a chair.

1969—ARPANET goes live—two computers communicate for the first time—10,166 days later, SKYNET becomes self-aware.

1958—A radioactive cloud drifts over Los Angeles after the explosion of an A-bomb in Nevada.

1940—First U.S. peacetime draft.

1929—“Black Tuesday”—16 million shares sell on Wall Street, at ever declining prices; $26 billion evaporates.

1827—Congressional Representative Henry W. Conway [D–Ark.] is mortally wounded in a duel with Acting Governor Robert Crittenden, co-founder of the Rose Law Firm, future employer of Hillary Rodham.

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