Sun, Nov 5

1986—In a hijacked helicopter, ’Nam vet Ron McIntosh springs his girl from the prison he recently escaped.

1974—In New Hampshire, Louis C. Wyman gets 355 more votes than John Durkin. It ain’t over yet, though; 317 days later, Durkin’s a U.S. Senator.

1968—George Wallace wins five states in the deep South.

1964—A loaded KC-97 crashes on takeoff at Pease: five crewmen die.

1949—Deranged WW II veteran and daily churchgoer Howard Unruh (1921—2009) shoots 16 people, killing 13, in Camden, N.J.

1935—After buying the anti-capitalist game cheap, Parker Brothers markets a pro-capitalist Monopoly.

1930—Thinking the phone call is a hoax, Nobel winner Sinclair Lewis imitates his Swedish caller’s accent.

1916—Vigilantes fire on IWW members in Everett, Wash. They kill two of their own and five Wobblies.

1872—Susan B. Anthony and 14 less-notorious women vote in Rochester, N.Y. Nine days later, only Anthony is arrested.

1855—Birth of Eugene V. Debs.

1796—Sen. John Rutherfurd [Fed.-N.J.], 36, bashes British Consul General John Temple with a club during Guy Fawkes night in New York City. Temple, 65, knocks Rutherford into the dirt after a good horsewhipping.

1765—Boston gangs forego their usual Guy Fawkes Day ruckus and jointly demonstrate against the Stamp Act.

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