Wed, Nov 15

2010—Ex-cop James B. Fowler pleads guilty to the 1965 murder of civil rights activist Jimmie Lee Jackson in Ala. He gets six months.

2008—Somali pirates take the MV Sirius Star. With a total value of $250 million, it’s the largest prize ever.

1996—British officials return the Stone of Scone to the Scots from whom they stole it 700 years earlier.

1967—The NVA mortars the Dak To ammo dump; 1,100 tons of ordnance create the war’s biggest explosion.

1967—“I have never been more encouraged,” says General Westmoreland. Tet is 77 days away.

1967—The CIA hands LBJ the first of four reports on its illegal surveillance of anti-war activists. Because it refutes his belief in foreign influence, he rejects it and demands another.

1904—Al Swearengen, ex-Deadwood, S.D. whoremaster, is found on a Denver street with his head bashed in.

1887—F(ranklin) P(ierce) Adams, namesake of N.H.’s only president (so far) and the godfather of the newspaper column, is born in Chicago.

1864—General William Tecumseh Sherman burns Atlanta, Georgia, thereby inspiring a popular movie.

1717—Six pirates who survived the April wreck of Whydah on Cape Cod in April are hanged in Boston.

1558—In celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, a wickerwork effigy of the Pope is burned. It’s stuffed with live cats to simulate shrieking devils.

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