Thurs, Nov 16

2000—Bill Clinton goes to Vietnam — finally, when it’s safe, as President.

1989—U.S.-backed pro-government “freedom fighters” in El Salvador murder six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper, and the housekeeper’s daughter.

1969—President Nixon’s Communications Director Herb Klein says he opposes government intervention in the news but the networks are asking for it if they don’t regulate themselves.

1966—Strasbourg students blow the student government’s annual budget to publish a pamphlet, “On the Poverty of Student Life.” Hilarity ensues, including the Situationist Movement.

1965—Mission accomplished with 79 KIA & 121 WIA, U.S. units in Ia Drang propose withdrawal. Gen. Wm. Westmoreland says “stay.”

1890—George Seldes is born. At 19 he’ll start an 85-year career as a journalist, media critic, and author.

1856—Siding with Britain and its opium smugglers, the USS Portsmouth bombards a Chinese fort on the Pearl River in Canton, China.

1849—Fyodor Dostoevsky, 28, is sentenced to death for spreading “impudent words.”

1776—The American brig-of-war Andrew Doria receives the nation’s first salute from a foreign power at Fort Oranje, St. Eustatius.

1688—Boston hangs Ann Glover—old, Irish, and Catholic—as a witch.

1384—Jadwiga, a ten year-old girl, is crowned King of Poland.

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