Don Ewing Gets De-Platformed

To the Editor:

[Note: 398 words deleted. – The Ed.]

Don Ewing

Meredith, N.H.


Pardon us, but we were forced to delete 93 percent of your letter. We will, however, quote your first two sentences, in order to explain why.

“To most of us, all lives, including all black [sic] lives, matter. However, the Black Lives Matter movement only cares about the black [sic] lives (usually black [sic] deaths) that it can use for political advantage.”

We have long published your letters in much the same spirit that, while driving, we listen to Rush Limbaugh; fortunately, we rarely drive. It’s important to, at times, subject ones self to toxic matter to better understand it. In our experience, Black lives have only seem to matter in your letters when you could use them when trying to make some twisted point purporting to buttress your dubious political agenda. There’s no reason to wallow in toxicity, though, hence our admittedly radical truncation.

You—a person of the white persuasion, we’d wager—while professing to “care” about Black people, have demonstrated here that you think you know—better than them—what’s good for them.

We don’t want to accuse you of professing white supremacist ideology, but that is the only term we can think of that adequately describes what you’re doing right there.

The Editor

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