Trump and the QAnon Death Cult

To the Editor:

Blend a sudden global respiratory viral pandemic with an incompetent, science-denying Donald Trump downplaying the virus as a liberal hoax, add a full measure of disgust for pedophilia, and beat vigorously on social media.

Swallowing this delicious mixture is comforting for many folks, who prefer it to the menace of a death avoided only by masks and separation. QAnon makes it clear we are threatened, instead, by an identifiable, hidden, global cabal of child-violating liberal elites. Instead of separation and fear, the global threat is to be fought by the enlightened, intimate groups of QAnon adherents.

QAnon offers clear answers and familiar, evil “others,” to those seeking order and escape from the fear of death from the coronavirus. This is an order apparently particularly appealing to many with a conservative mind set.

Participating in QAnon means you are embraced by myriads of fellow truth seekers and combatants against evil. You are a warrior, protecting and freeing the children.

At the recent Trump rally in Georgia, a mask-less man, an avowed Democrat and Trump supporter, crowd surfs, born aloft by ecstatic mostly mask-less Trump adherents. Mask-less, you have rejected the virus and are free from fear, literally and figuratively embraced by your brother and sister Trump and QAnon adherents.

QAnon was launched in the 2016 Presidential campaign as part of the rationale for supporting Donald Trump. But in 2020 it’s the global Covid-19 pandemic and Donald Trump’s downplaying of the virus that is the basis for exponential growth of the QAnon death cult.

Trump and QAnon differ from the traditional raucous fascist celebration of Mussolini’s minions with the motto “Long Live Death.”

QAnon is a deceptive Trumpian death cult variation. Our fearless leader downplays the virus and his manifest responsibility for contributing to the mushrooming mass death toll and mass unemployment. Instead, blame is shifted from the perfect Donald J.Trump onto global liberal elites, the perfect foil for core, Anglo Trump voters, now freed from the virus.

It’s crazy. And clearly the real blood is on the hands of Donald Trump.

Fact Check: Long Live Death, Mark Neocleous, 2005. “Long live death!: Fascism, resurrection, immortality.” Journal of Political Ideologies (February 2005),10(1), 31–49

Roy Morrison

Newton, Mass.


Well, that’s reassuring.

The Editor

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