Wed, Jan 31

2003—At the White House, George W.[MD] Bush tells Tony Blair he’s going to invade Iraq with or without WMDs, and diplomacy will have to fit around the military strategy.

1984—President Reagan alleges the U.S. has a problem with “people who are sleeping on the grates…homeless…you might say, by choice.”

1971—In Detroit, Vietnam Veterans Against the War testify about U.S. policies in Vietnam. Few listen.

1968—It’s Tet: the VC and NVA attack from the Delta to the DMZ. Saigon—even the U.S. Embassy—is a war zone. U.S. brass don’t get the point—Gen. Wm. “Clueless” Westmoreland says Hue’s been retaken; he’s off by a month—but the public does.

1963—“The war in Vietnam is going well and will succeed,” says R. Strange McNamara, Secretary of Defense.

1957—A DC-8 on a test flight over the San Fernando Valley loses a wing when it’s hit by an F-89, also on a test flight. Four airmen die. Flaming debris kills three kids on a junior high playground; 74 are injured.

1945—Private Eddie Slovik gets to be the one U.S. deserter out of 21,000 to be executed by a firing squad.

1933—The fascist Silver Legion goes public in Asheville, N.C. Within a few years it claims 15,000 members.

1900—The day after he’s shot a by conspiracy’s hit man, William Goebel is sworn in as Governor of Kentucky. Three days later he dies.

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